You can be confident in making decisions, because we always help you in every step and process. Our training program will assist you in implementing a risk management system that can guarantee the protection of values that are very important for your business.

If you need help implementing this system, you can use our Management System Development services. If you experience problems in evaluating the effectiveness of the management system that has been implemented, we can help you through the Assessment & Audit service.

ISO 31000 are guidelines for risk management that can be applied in all types of organizations. In this era of globalization, organizations must be able to reduce the impact and possibility of a risk. In dealing with internal and external factors of the various influences of uncertainty, an organization will manage risk by identifying, analyzing, and then evaluating the risks.

If you need a copy of the original ISO 31000 standard, then you can get it on the ISO website, or you can open the BSN website to get an original copy of SNI ISO 31000.

In each management system there are various challenges, issues, objectices and expectations. This training will review a risk management system specifically according to the needs of the organization. The goal of implementing risk management is to reduce the different risks associated with the chosen field at the level that is acceptable to the organization. Public training schedule for each specific management system is included in the section on each training topic area.

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