Training CPOB CPKB CPOTB is the best program for you. Our course can assist you in implementing this management system. If you need help implementing this system, you can use our Management System Development services.

If you experience problems in evaluating the effectiveness of the management system that has been implemented, besides this training CPOB CPKB CPOTB services, we can help you through the Assessment & Audit service.

Application of Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Baik (CPOB) is very important to ensure that drug products are safe for consumption by the public. In this CPOB training you will gain an understanding of various aspects of CPOB implementation including quality management, personnel, buildings, equipment, quality control and others.

To find out how to register a product, you can check the procedure on the BPOM website.

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In the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, manufacturers still must prioritize the quality and safety of the products they produce. This training of CPKB will help you to understand how Cara Pembuatan Kosmetika yang Baik (CPKB) covers aspects including quality management systems, personnel, facilities, sanitation, documentation and others.

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Traditional medicine is still the choice of some Indonesian people to maintain a healthy body. The manufacturer must still ensure the safety of the herb so that it does not have a detrimental effect on the user. In this training of CPOTB, you will get an understanding of Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional yang Baik (CPOTB) covering aspects of personnel, buildings, production, documentation, self-inspection, and others.

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