Training ISO 17025 Laboratory

The competence of testing and calibration is essential for your laboratory. Choose our training topics related to ISO 17025. If you need help in implementing the system according to this standard, you can use the Management System Development service. 

If you experience problems in evaluating the implementation of an existing system, we can help you through the Assessment & Audit service.

ISO/IEC 17025 is a general requirement for laboratory competency in carrying out tests or calibrations, including sampling. This standard plays an important role in the development of management systems to ensure validity of laboratory result. If you are a Laboratory Manager or Laboratory Technician, then you need training of ISO 17025 to improve the performance of your laboratory.

If you need a copy of the original ISO 17025 standard, then you can get it on the ISO website, or you can open the BSN website to get an original copy of SNI ISO 17025.

This standard is based on ISO 17025, but is intended specifically for medical laboratories. ISO 15189 is a standard containing quality and competency requirements intended for medical laboratories. This standard focuses on ensuring the quality of service and the validity of the results of the examination so that it can help a good diagnosis. In this training topics, our tutors are ready to assist you in implementing a medical laboratory management system so that you can improve your organizational performance and customer satisfaction.

Beside ISO 17025, we also know Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) as a laboratory system guide. GLP is a way of organizing laboratories include personnel, facilities, and material that can ensure the testing can be carried out, monitored, recorded and reported to generate valid result. Laboratories that have implemented GLP, they can avoid mistakes or errors that may arise, and undisputed data. The guidelines, which are popular include the guideline of OECD and FDA (21CFR Part 58). This training can help in the application of the GLP system in your laboratory.

Laboratory needs to have a system management documentation, and procedure for controlling document and record as required in ISO/IEC 17025. Laboratory personnel is very necessary to follow the training of the documentation to make sure the document handling procedures in accordance with applicable international standards. This training is very relevant in the application of ISO 17025.

The important thing in the laboratory is to prove the accuracy of the procedures fit for the purpose of the method, so the method validation is very important. The performance characteristics of method that tested in validation project can include selectivity, working range, LOD, LOQ, trueness, precision and robustness. Training of method validation is intended for laboratory manager or other personnel involved in the testing. This topic is very important to be mastered by laoratorium personnel so that it can function as a continuation of ISO 17025 training.

Measurement uncertainty is a parameter that describes the range of values in which the true value is estimated. In applying ISO/IEC 17025, measurement uncertainty is essential thing that guarantee the reliability of laboratory result. Therefore, it will be very important that laboratory personnel receive training of measurement uncertainty to improve the quality of their laboratories.

Calibration of measuring equipment must be carried out regularly, with personnel who have received calibration training expected to improve production quality, traceability of measuring instruments, and produce accurate data. We serve training for calibration of general quantity of industrial or laboratory equipment.

According to requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, the laboratory should carry out periodic internal audits. The need for personnel who can perform internal audits will increase. Therefore, we provide the appropriate and adequate training to meet those needs, so make sure the laboratory can manage the system well.

Management reviews are conducted periodically for reviewing and evaluating effectivity of management system implementation. Implementation of the management review need to follow the requirements in particular regarding input that should be discussed and the results of the evaluation should be obtained. We serve the training to make sure you can carry out a management review successful.

In the ISO/IEC 17025 or GLP system environment, monitoring and ensuring a result is very important. Every data needs to be controlled and if nonconformity are found, it is necessary to have a planning action that must be taken immediately to prevent errors in reporting. Laboratory personnel must have the ability to control the validity of the data, and our training is very suitable to your needs.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requires the laboratory must identify and manage the risks associated with processes and competence of testing or calibration. A good understanding of the risk would make sure laboratory can reach  the target and ensure the validity of results. Our training is designed specifically to help you become a superb risk leader.

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