About Mutu Insight

Certyst is committed to providing great benefits to the community, so the company creates a Mutu Insight since 2018, the program which has a mission to help government to increase awareness of standards, quality and the application of standardization in Indonesia. This mission is carried out through training or mentoring activities. The target participants of this program are school students, college students, teachers, college lecturers, and micro-small-medium enterprises.

Scope of topics in this program

  1. A glance of laboratory competency and ISO/IEC 17025
  2. A glance of quality and ISO 9001
  3. A glance of food safety and ISO 22000
  4. A glance of healt-safety and ISO 45001
  5. A glance of environmental management and ISO 14001
  6. A glance of automotive quality system and IATF 16949
  7. A glance of medical laboratory competency and ISO 15189
  8. A glance of standardization, conformity assessment and metrology
  9. A glance of calibration of measurement equipment
  10. A glance of chemical method validation
  11. A glance of evaluation of measurement uncertainty in chemical testing
  12. Customized topics according to public needs

How will this activity be carried out?

Training and mentoring activities in the Mutu Insight program is conducted free of charge. Participants do not need to pay anything to get the benefits of this activity. However, in Public Training activities, we require participants to deposit a small amount of funds which is used as a guarantee for participants to attend training activities, we do this to prevent participants from wasting this opportunity by not attending the activity even though the opportunity might have been available to other participants. These funds will be fully refunded when the training ends. Details regarding these provisions will be provided in the information for each activity that we will held. The Mutu Insight training program can be carried out in the form of Public Training, In-House Training, either through physical meetings or with Virtual Class. For In-House Training activities through physical meetings, this event can be held at school, campus, or any place the beneficiary wants. You can discuss with us for more detailed information on this matter.

What benefits will participants get?

Participants in our training activities will receive sufficient material to know the standards and its application. We require that you pay attention to the information on each of our activity advertisements to find out the depth level of the training material and whether you are in accordance with the training targets. In addition, participants will also receive a certificate as proof of attendance at the training. The certificate will be issued in electronic form which you can print yourself.

Who will share the insights?

We empower competent and experienced practitioners in their fields to share insights to all participants. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the activity, even though it’s free of charge.

If you interested in sharing as a speaker, we will feel very pleased to receive your help. Please contact us if you want to join.

Are you interested in this program?

However, to be able to benefit from this program, we have a number of criteria for selecting beneficiaries, so that we can be sure that our mission is to reach the right target audience. Contact us for more information or to find out if you can benefit from this program.

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