Mutu Insight

Mutu Insight is a not-for-profit program from PT Certyst Integra Solusi

About Mutu Insight

We are committed to providing access to the public especially students and SMEs to understand and apply the standards, therefore we launched the Mutu Insight program, that are the activities to help the government in raising public awareness of standards. Certyst will allocate 10% profit for the operation and development of the Mutu Insight. One of the our activities is to share the insight for free through training for students and SMEs. The topics of the training we offer are:

1.    A glance of ISO/IEC 17025

2.    A glance of ISO 9001

3.    A glance of ISO 22000

4.    A glance of ISO 45001

5.    A glance of ISO 14001

6.    A glance of IATF 16949

7.    A glance of ISO 15189

8.    A glance of standardization

9.    Customized topics

Training as a Mutu Insight program can be implemented at the school, campus or location belong to SMEs. The training is carried out over a maximum of 3 hours and is intended as an introduction for participants who have not or have recently studied the standardization. If you want to get detailed information about this opportunity and want to us help you for increasing standard awareness to your student or personnel, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who will share the insights?

We empower competent and experienced practitioners in their fields to share insights to all participants. If your are interested in sharing as a speaker, we will feel very pleased to receive your help. Please contact us if you want to join.


For any inquiries about Mutu Insight, please do not hesitate to contact us:
P   0857 7117 6355
P   (021) 837 19023
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